"ORIS" stands for "Face" in the Latin language. Brand mark "ORIS" was motivated by face which has polishing, tender, clear and fashionable images. We represents it to satisfy our customers eternal beauty achievement.

DBI KOREA was established in 1987 and we've been manufactured and supplied various type of all needs in cosmetics and related goods.

We offer a wide range of beauty products such as cosmetics, cosmetic accessories, hair straightener, micro fiber goods and so on. Customers from around the world rely on us to deliver affordable, top quality products in a timely manner. In addition, we do our best to meet the various demands of each and every customer by presenting periodically updated and creative products through continuous research and technical renovation of the international market. Oris products have timeless appeal.

Our motto will always be "Every beauty is something new" Day after day, we make every effort to ensure that :
    our products are safe and above industry safety standards; our customers get gratification through our products and service; our customers benefit from our 18 years experience and know-how, and from an ever-increasing quality of service.

To meet these challenges, we focus all our energy on offering customers the superior class of items with artisanship.

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